Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Were to Get Vista Drivers

I see this question posted a lot on forums. I have older hardware, were can I get vista drivers for my device. Before even plugging in the new device into Vista you should go and check out the manufacturer’s website for the latest drivers, for vista support.

The manufacturer of the product is always the best place to search for the latest drivers. There you will also find information on whether the device is capable of working on Windows Vista. Read any and all instructions first before trying to install the drivers. You may find that you need to do a firmware update first.

Some computer components need the software installed before you connect the device. Hp for example is famous for this. If you install the device first and then the software you may run into issues.

Sometimes the manufactures site is not easy to navigate. When this happens do a search for just the model number and the keyword “driver”. Do not click on the first link you see. Look for a link that has the manufactures website in it. Many sites say they have free drivers but you find out later the program you downloaded was just trial software or a virus. Always try the manufacture first and if you cannot find it there then go to one of the third party sites. Be sure you have virus and spyware removal protection before you download any program from a third party site.

Some older devices will not work with Vista. Even if the manufacturer states it does work with vista do a little more digging and see if have a 64 bit processor. Some programs work with Vista but not 64 bit processors. I have run into a few cameras that had a hard time handling the 64 bit architecture.

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