Monday, June 9, 2008

Vista Hacks explained to a extent one by one

Hi friend's Vista has always been in the talk when i say that what i meant was right that you guessed all about the issues concerned with vista are so much and still counting that you can not miss the talk all about it from the day it has been manufactured on our desktop's and replaced Windows XP. But then we can not keep on murmuring or whispering's on that.. Lets rather have a look on some of the performance hacks we can go along and explore it to a pleasure extent

Back up your computer

Perform computer management tasks and run tools such as the Task Scheduler.

Reclaim disk space by removing unwanted files from your hard drive.

Reorganize the files on a disk to optimize disk performance and reliability.

Prepare and partition a hard disk.

Read system logs and view other system events.

Rate your computer's capability to run Windows Vista.

Controls the balance between using advanced Windows Vista visual features and performance.

Automatically solve problems with your computer and Windows Vista.

Speeds up computer performance by storing commonly used files in a flash device.

Track and review system performance.

Collect and display information about your computer.

Manage system services.


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michael jackson said...

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