Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Windows supporter, "Opera" started a boycott campaign

Supporters of the Windows JCXP.Net "Boycott Opera" campaign began. Opera Software that Microsoft is asking users to participate in the complaints have started a lawsuit against the Antimonopoly Act.

The European Union (EU) that Microsoft was the opportunity to begin a survey of antitrust for European Union, Opera's complaint submitted to the year 2007.

JCXP there is June 12, started a boycott campaign. JCXP managing editor, David Taraso said in a blog, Microsoft of violating anti-trust lawsuit in the Opera and the boycott that led to the decision, he wrote the following.

Today, Opera Software bundled to completely boycott.

Opera action is legitimate in a way that companies can not share, the less popular Windows browsers just trying to push the system. Opera is simply, and not just their share of the browser market, Google's "Chrome" and the Apple "Safari" They are angry about being taken to share.

Then Taraso said June 14 that is described in more detail why the boycott movement to push this blog.

One may want to clarify. I do not have Opera and Opera browsers are not hated (actually, my 2008 year MEINBURAUZA "Opera 9" was). Opera is a long time, and browser vendors in the market brought about a great innovation, I have admired it. However, in the EU's antitrust that Opera is trying to do it, do not agree. I, Opera is that I should take a bigger market share. However, Microsoft decided to push for Windows to advertise their products can not agree with.

Last week, the European Commission (EC), as PC makers remedies "screen voting" has come to consider the introduction. This is the Windows PC users to choose the browser that allows you to start, Microsoft is trying to circumvent the measures that the voting screen, "Internet Explorer 8" Not bundled "Windows 7" to provide the European market announced the plan. Representatives of the Opera, Microsoft's Windows 7 "E" plan to address the concerns they have expressed the view that is not enough.

What do you all think? Opera boycott, Windows bundled with IE in violation of the people to think that a gesture of their own, I think the best way?

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