Friday, February 15, 2008

About the Blog

Hi Friends..

It has been a long time I was looking forward to kick start something as such on Vista, but due to the busy scheduled and lack of time management was not able to make the things happen.

But finally here it is... Microsoft has came with vista in 2006 and from then till know there has been a lot of buzz around Vista ease of use and adaptability among its user and their communities. Even I came across some of the posts mentioning vista as the one of the Technology mess of the decade or century.

But the fact is that after such criticism vista still prevailed and going to get strong with its service pack coming to the end users some time later this month..

Now, what i want to share and communicate through this blog post is we will look towards all the aspect of vista support and computer support the ways to dig the most of the OS.

After all future is "The Vista Way"

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